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Karma Munnar - India

Resort Overview

Set among the majestic hills of Munnar, Kerala, Karma Munnar Resort is an enchanting retreat immersed in breathtaking natural beauty. The meticulously designed accommodations effortlessly blend traditional Indian charm with modern amenities, offering spacious comfort and panoramic views of mist-covered mountains from your private balcony. Indulge in a culinary journey at the on-site restaurant, where locally sourced ingredients transform into delectable dishes. Immerse yourself in thrilling outdoor adventures, from trekking scenic trails to exploring tea plantations and encountering wildlife. Unwind by the infinity pool, basking in the sun while beholding the valley's awe-inspiring vistas. Embrace the true essence of Munnar's natural wonders, enhanced by our exceptional hospitality and personalized servic

Resort Address:

Muthirapuzhayar Rd, Kerala 685565, India

Married couples or couples cohabiting, and must be traveling together.

No singles travelers accepted, check in Saturday ONLY.

Resort Gallery

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