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Required Supplementary Documents 

Due to the marketing structure of our packages, reservations are handled differently from standard bookings. Certain resorts, particularly all-inclusive establishments, employ a verification process that necessitates specific documentation to meet their presentation requirements, which are an integral part of the trip. Some resorts may request identification from travelers, along with evidence of cohabitation such as matching addresses on official documents or utility bills for couples. Additionally, proof of purchasing power, typically in the form of a major credit card, may be required. Occasionally, resorts may also request a photograph of the credit card, with all digits except the last four obscured. These requirements are specific to certain properties, particularly those within our portfolio of all-inclusive resorts.


While these stipulations are not set by us, we are obligated to adhere to them in order to facilitate successful bookings on your behalf. We kindly ask for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Verification calls are arranged by the respective resort departments and typically coincide with the proximity of your check-in date. Your patience during this process is greatly appreciated. It's important to note that if your reservation is for a date significantly in advance of your check-in, the verification process may not occur immediately. Typically, resorts conduct verifications a couple of months prior to the check-in date.

To proceed with your reservation request, the following documents are required by the resort.

  1. Picture ID of each traveler listed on the request.

  2. Picture of the credit card, showing only the last four digits, both front and back.

  3. The specific terms and conditions of the resort will be sent to your email. You will be required to sign them to accept the resort's terms.

Please attach pictures of required documents to proceed with the booking process, you can send all 

required documents to our email: customersupport@luxurytourescapes (Subject Line : RES Documents Requested)

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